Evolutionary transformation of the human and emergence of the new species

Figures 4-6

Fourth point — Rising of the Kundalini energy and emergence of the individual consciousness into the Universal Consciousness (fig. 4)

The Kundalini energy stirs up occasionally, going higher and higher up the spine until it finally reaches the top of the head and removes the energy plug, giving the seeker’s individual consciousness access to the Universal Consciousness — the Nirvana.

The final rise of the Kundalini is a powerful flow through a wide upward energy channel. The flow reaches the head-top chakra, completely dissolves or “knocks out” the energy plug and emerges into the space above the head. An “energy halo” is formed above the Seeker’s head, to stay there for quite a long time (until the seeker attains total energy transparency). But don’t flatter yourself — this halo is not a sign of holiness. True holiness comes much later and only if one follows the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution in the right way.

The energy plug can be removed in two ways: it can be gradually dissolved by the Kundalini rising multiple times to the top of the head, or it can be “knocked out”.

When the energy plug is dissolved gradually, the emergence of the individual consciousness into Nirvana goes softer than when the plug is “knocked out” — in which case the consciousness of the seeker is literally thrown out into the space above the head. Either way you find yourself in a new reality, but due to the contrast between the old and the new states the change is felt much sharper when the individual consciousness is “catapulted” into Nirvana.

The seeker’s general experience at this point is that his individual consciousness extends beyond the physical body, into the space around. It is as if you were in the body and outside the body at the same time. The isolated cocoon of physical consciousness is finally torn. The individual consciousness escapes the corporal imprisonment and can now flow freely.

From now on, any excess of descending Evolutionary Energy that enters the body will pour out through the head-top chakra that now also acts as some kind of an escape valve. When there is more descending energy entering the body than the cells can assimilate, and this excess fails to be removed through the head-top valve in time and is accumulated in the head area, the cells of the brain respond with a headache. Only when the seeker's body acquires total energy transparency do the recurrent headaches disappear completely. Such transformation takes years of work on the Way of Conscious Evolution.

As soon as the Kundalini energy has escaped into the space above the head, the seeker needs to re-establish contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy as soon as possible in order not to get lost in the boundless vasts of Nirvana or be trapped by adverse vital forces. Of course it is alluring to flutter in Nirvana, listening to the voices of “teachers” and receiving messianic revelations, to imagine oneself a great poet, scientist, healer or at least the saviour of mankind, but the seeker has a completely different objective — to follow the chosen Way consistently. No games with the spatial voices, no temptations to become someone great, no euphoria — only prayer and meditation, and silence in the mind. Thoughts and desires must not block the channel for the descending Energy, otherwise you will become a prisoner of Nirvana.

Fifth point
— Birth of the psychic being and establishing stable contact with the Divine Power (fig. 5)

Now the head-top centre is fully opened, and the descending Evolutionary Energy enters through it in a wide flow. When the energy flow was narrow, we used to hear a thin noise or whistle in the head. Now there is a sort of a humming background, something you get used to and may not even notice — a wide plain river doesn’t make much noise. The energy excess pours out freely through the head-top chakra — the escape valve does its job. Thus we establish steady and balanced contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy, so that it can operate with pinpoint precision to prepare the birth of the psychic being. The Energy follows a clear process, which is purposefully designed and can be easily verified in practice: ascent of consciousness — descent of consciousness — forced descent of consciousness — energy assimilation.

A true miracle happens at this stage, but the preparation for this miracle is generally far from pleasant in psychological terms. A powerful flow of descending energy begins preparing the seeker’s consciousness for the Birth in Spirit. Remember: only the descending Evolutionary Energy (the Divine Power) can carry out this preparation in the most painless way possible and initiate the spiritual birth itself. No psychic miracle workers, no witches or spells, codes or numbers, no technical means can do it. Everything is in the hands of the Divine Power. We only need to trust it and surrender to it completely —  “thy will be done” is now the watchword.

There are many attractive advertisements nowadays of trainings, special devices and equipment that can stimulate and bring about the so-called enlightenment in short time. That is sheer quackery and nonsense. Any outer interference disrupts the natural course of evolutionary transformation for a given individual. Only the Divine Power knows what and how much every person needs for the necessary evolutionary transformation to come about.

Different people have different readiness for conscious spiritual work, different degree of ego development and maturity of the psychic being. Stimulated to birth in any way, an immature psychic being can turn out stillborn or die soon after birth, buried by its own ego. I have seen such cases. A second spiritual birth within the same life is very problematic.

Even a normal (timely) Birth in Spirit does not necessarily mean that the following life of the seeker will be devoted to Divine Evolution. Under certain circumstances, an ego that has not been transformed in due time can bury the soul and foster a “spiritual ego” in its place, unnoticed by the seeker. An inner Teacher is born, but the person does not listen to the quiet voice of the heart but rather to the clamorous voice of the ego. At the moment of the spiritual birth the ego suffers a great defeat, but it takes time for it to be transformed completely. Only a perfectly watchful consciousness can help this process go faster. If there is something inside you after the spiritual birth that is afraid of something, eagerly desires, suffers, gets angry or doubts — that something is your untransformed ego. So watch yourself. Our true being cannot be afraid, suffer, get angry or doubt.

The Birth in Spirit is preceded by what could be called “birth pains” — periods of heavy depression caused by a conflict between the actively resisting ego and the swiftly growing and maturing psychic being. The seeker is scared of the unknown. You realise that something is going to happen, but that something is unknown to you, so you are afraid. The spiritual birth takes place at the peak of the conflict between the ego and the psychic being. The seeker must resign to die for the past and surrender to the Divine Power entirely. “Your will be done, Lord” — these five words can work a true miracle at this most critical point.

Psychologically, a human being is very afraid to part with the past, with the known. Even if the past is gloomy and unhappy (and that’s what it is, for the most part), it is known, it has been experienced, while the future is unknown and always scary. Those who follow the Way of Prayer and complete devotion to the Divine have less problems parting with the past than the others (i.e., those who follow the Way of Meditation, especially intellectuals). Trusting the Divine Power completely at this most critical point frees you from unnecessary fears and doubts.

The Birth in Spirit itself takes an instant. You find yourself entirely trapped in a point of space. You are stuck, you can’t move to the right or to the left, up or down, back or forth, it is hard to breathe, you are ready to disappear, vanish away with nothing left. Relax, trust in the Divine Power, and the Birth will happen. Sincere, heartfelt consent to die for the past triggers the Birth.

At the moment of the spiritual birth the seeker’s consciousness takes a quantum leap into a new dimension, into a completely different psychophysical world — a world of Unity, Love and Harmony, a world without psychological fears or traumatising anxieties, including the main fear — the fear of death. The seeker feels the fact that he has never died and never will — he has always been, he is and will be forever. The long and painful wanderings are over — you are home, you are secure under Divine protection. The Kingdom of God is attained.

Attaining the Kingdom of God (psychological immortality) is the first stage of attaining Eternal Life. All the values of the old world mean nothing in this new world that has unfolded before you. The true being where you now reside is totally free and knows everything for certain, therefore it does not doubt, does not fear and does not suffer, while the mental, vital and physical bodies become submissive instruments of the Spirit.

And what is most important — our true Teacher is born inside of us, the entity that used to be some sort of our guardian angel. It becomes evident that it was it, not something from outside, that saved us from fatal mistakes and hasty actions at the critical moments of our life. It was always inside of us, it never left us, but we could not always listen to it due to our overinflated ego. If we have a sincere aspiration towards evolutionary transformation, our guardian angel is our best helper. Now we unite a Teacher and a disciple within ourselves.

A powerful magnet of the heart, a potent inner source of Light and Truth comes into action. After the psychic being is born, the seeker’s consciousness settles in spontaneous (automatic) meditation. During spontaneous meditation there is a powerful energy flow that doesn’t let any unsanctioned thought get a grip in the active consciousness. Thoughts get either dissolved or cast ashore like woodchips. The thinking machine turns on only when necessary and only with your permission. It’s amazing how wisely it is all designed! The Divine Power does miraculous things. And some people claim that mankind can be saved by some “miracle workers”. Lies!

The use of meditative practice and verbal prayer gradually comes to a minimum and finally becomes unnecessary. You simply live without assuming any bizarre poses, bowing in prayer till headache, sitting in the lotus position for hours or praying on a schedule — you live in the society, you actually live instead of doing a practice ad nauseam! You live a life free from any method, you live in spontaneous meditation, in a state of prayer, in constant contact with the descending Divine Power (the Holy Spirit), giving yourself to it entirely. Now everything is ready for a fundamental transformation of your body (the physical ego), so that a new subtle vibrational structure can be formed in it, our new vessel that is capable of maintaining conscious existence (existence without loss of individuality) on any plane of Being — a structure capable of Eternal Life.

Point 6
— Opening of the main cross-body Kundalini channels
(fig. 6) 

The cross-body Kundalini channels take start from the main energy channel that goes along the spine, and lead to the periphery of the body. They have been collapsed since the last time they were needed — since the time our physical body was built up. Now they are needed again — the descending Evolutionary Energy is going to access the cells of the physical body via these channels. The descending Energy has already marked its way to the periphery with a thin energy current. Now the Energy enters the body in a wide, powerful flow. Augmented by the power of the psychic being, it is ready to blow the Kundalini channels through and open them to bring the Energy to the cells of the body directly.

Blowing the channels through requires a different kind, or form, of descending Evolutionary Energy. It is not a mere energy current, but  rather a dense and viscous energy mass that is pushed into the body in separate portions through the top of the head and spreads instantly to the periphery of the body. The channels open from bottom to top. The seeker may feel energy blows and heat in the palms and the feet. He may also feel some parts of his body to be pumped up. This is how the cross-body channels open. They branch into the finest capillary-like energy channels that go directly to every cell of the physical body.

Transformation of the body and formation of the new subtle vibrational body takes years. It is known that that the cells of our body (including the slowest-regenerating ones) get fully renewed every six or seven years. This means that every six to seven years the renewed cells of the body can pass positive evolutionary changes, including genetic changes, down to the next generation of cells.

The cells that have undergone initial evolutionary transformation part with a number of bad habits and, to some extent, lose memory of the old energy environment, alter their physiology (the physiological and biochemical constants), discover new sources of nutrition, get the go-ahead for the next stage of evolutionary transformation, etc. The renewed cells carry information about the new conditions of existence. They are no longer afraid of the descending Evolutionary Energy, of the vibrations of Light, as it is their new energy environment. I noticed that a number of significant bodily experiences happen on the turns of six-year periods.

The dense and viscous descending Energy gradually opens all the central Kundalini channels. This process is accompanied by a pumping up (outwardly invisible) of separate parts and areas of the physical body. It usually happens during sleep.

Figures 7-9

Point 7 — Complete opening of all Kundalini channels (fig. 7)

The final energy pump-up of the body usually takes place at night. The seeker wakes up to find his body full with some kind of air that is thick and at the same time incredibly light and vibrating. The Energy is forced into the body in a powerful flow, with any excess flowing out freely through the head-top valve. It is a surprising, unique feeling. It is also delightful, not frightening at all. It seems that the body has been physically inflated, so much as if it were going to explode or rise above the bed — here’s levitation for you. All the seeker has to do is relax and observe this process without interrupting it with his thoughts. It doesn’t last long, maybe a few minutes before the body deflates like a popped balloon. This experience never recurs afterwards.

The final energy pump-up straightens all central and peripheral Kundalini channels completely. Now the descending Evolutionary Energy can be fed to every little cell of the body continuously instead of just individual portions, providing deep evolutionary transformation on the cellular level. Every cell of the body is now in permanent contact with the Divine Power. It is now that formation of the new vibrational body within the cocoon of the physical body begins.