Evolutionary transformation of the human and emergence of the new species

Point 8 — Formation of the new subtle vibrational body (fig. 8)

The first step to immortality is the spiritual birth: the seeker attains psychological immortality, the Kingdom of God. He realises that he has always existed and will exist forever. The fear of death disappears, and  with it go all the subordinate psychological fears (fears of falling ill, accidents, indefinite future, etc.), never to return again. The second step to immortality is formation of the new subtle vibrational body.

Our physical body, the corporeal ego, is the cocoon where the new subtle vibrational structure (the vibrational body) is formed. The core of this structure, similar to the bone skeleton inside the physical body, is our psychic being, which is also the unified “organ” of perception and intelligence — a counterpart of the central nervous system that is infinitely more perfect. As the vibrational body is formed, the physical ego is gradually diminished and all the psychological and psychophysical functions (perception, assessment and control) are given over to the new structure. The physical body remains only as an instrument of the Divine on the physical plane of existence. The physical mind that makes up the physical ego is transformed, and our individuality (that which we call our self) is now located in the vibrational body that is absolutely free from egoistic attachment and ambition.

It takes six or seven years after the Birth of the psychic being to form the subtle vibrational body (not to be confused with the vital or ethereal bodies, which are both properties of mortal life). The memory of the vibrational body is fundamentally different and is not connected with the brain. The vibrational body “thinks” in a different way (it could be called spontaneous thinking, or thinking by instant insight) and has a different mode of perception (which is wave-based and does not involve the physiological sensory organs, but instead operates through the subtle physical consciousness).

Now it is the vibrational body that is in charge of all manifested activity. As a matter of fact, the physical body serves only as a mechanical instrument of its true master, the psychic being — it walks, talks, grabs things, moves things, etc. When a person’s consciousness is constantly seated in the new vibrational body, it operates purely in real time (“here and now”) and doesn’t swing across the time scale (running ahead of or lagging behind the reality) as it does in an ordinary person.

The physiology of the physical body becomes totally different; the cells of the body are renewed and operate in a new energy environment. The biochemical and physiological standards of yesterday applied by modern medicine are not appropriate anymore. By these standards, a person who follows the Way of Conscious Evolution may be labelled sick and even disabled. Something is apparently wrong with his haemoglobin level, breathing rate and depth, blood pressure, heart function, etc., while the person himself feels just great. If these standards as well as the approach to the causality of disease are not revised, the doctors will continue to indiscriminately treat man from evolution, while the only disease humanity suffers from is chronic evolutionary deficiency.

The share of energy required for normal body function that is received from food breakdown and gas exchange gradually comes down to a minimum. Now most of the body’s energy demands are covered by pure spatial energy which is brought directly to all cells of the body via the Kundalini channels and microchannels.

The descending evolutionary Energy is the creator of All. It is the creator, the creation and the material for creation. There is no reason why it cannot be a universal source of power for the physical body. This makes the phenomenon of physical life with no food and liquid quite explainable as the result of radical transformation of physiological processes on the cellular level in the new energy environment.

Point 9 — Attaining total energy transparency (fig. 9)

There comes a moment when the new vibrational structure that has been maturing in the cocoon of the physical body is ready for complete outward manifestation. It doesn’t happen until the energy pores of the physical body are fully open, and the last obstacle — the physical body’s energy shell — can be dissolved. The “saint’s halo” that has been above our head since the rise of the Kundalini energy now disappears. The excess of descending Energy doesn’t pour out of the head-top chakra as it used to but passes freely through the body’s energy pores into the space around.

I realised that something significant had happened that radically altered the body’s mode of existence and its energy balance when no headaches and pains in the back occurred during the past two periods of forced (deep) descending of the consciousness*. A number of new stable sensations appeared instead: lightness, airiness, transparency and wavelike fluency.

There is a deep feeling that your physical body doesn’t belong to you. It is there, you feel it, but it isn’t yours — actually, you are no longer the body, but something else. It may sound crazy at first. Concepts such as “my thoughts” and “my desires” vanish with the mental and vital ego, and now your body isn’t yours either, but there remains a sense of the self that is independent of the body, and this observer self becomes the observed, it directly becomes everything it sees. Once you are energetically transparent, you realise that the body is only temporarily yours. You are located in the body as in a specific part of the material world, and you use it to interact with this world.

You feel expanded to infinity, formless, you don’t depend on your body at all, it lives by itself, eats what it needs, you only have to feed it, walk it and give it some reasonable exercise. Parting with the body is nothing but a mere formality, as when you fall asleep and wake up in a dream. You’re not psychologically attached to your body, as you live in a totally different dimension beyond time and physical form.

Living in the vibrational body is something words cannot describe. Nothing belongs to you and nothing burdens you, but the observer is there, ever increasing its presence in all things, it simply is there and it is love. It can only be known through direct experience — no mental concept or emotion will be adequate, so trying to imagine it can only get you confused. The seeker grows to be the world, fulfilling God’s plan to know himself in this game divine. Our true being is a little part of the Whole, and in the course of conscious evolution it gets to know itself and the Whole. Not only does the seeker come to know himself, but he also takes part in the world’s evolutionary transformation.

These are not just fine words but reality the seeker faces upon attaining total transparency. From now on he accelerates the evolutionary process on Earth by conducting the descending Evolutionary Energy to all planes of existence, including the solid-matter regions of the planet.

One more thing. After the individual consciousness becomes fully open to the universal vibrations, the seeker feels physically immersed in human filth and imperfection. Those are not his own, as they have already been transmuted. It is the sewage of the world that he will have to bathe in for a while, retaining deep inner bliss.

It is not pleasant, but the seeker is entirely protected by the descending Divine Power from above, and by his own heart from inside. This allows him to get used to the new psychological state and even start recycling the negative vibrations that pervade the human atmosphere. One can think of it as a temporary waste disposal job. The negative vibrations pass freely through the seeker’s mind and literally burn in the fire of the Supramental Energy. If you’ve ever wanted to save the world, now is the perfect time to do it — without big talk and fanfare, in a simple and ordinary way.

And most importantly, the seeker becomes a living transmitter of the vibrations of Light and Truth, spreading them to the world around him, awakening those who are ready to wake up, the spiritually endowed who are ready to become lighters of souls themselves. If such a chain reaction takes place, one need not worry about an imminent “apocalypse”. A tree which bears good fruit is not hewn down, only the futile is eliminated.

Let us sum it up. The seeker now has two well-formed bodies: the renewed and partly transformed physical body that operates in a different energy environment, and the subtle vibrational body that resides in the ocean of Universal Consciousness and is free from death. The radically renewed physical body has no toxins in it, it is free from diseases and energetical deformations, its cellular physiology differs drastically from that of the old physical body that was nothing but a stagnant energy swamp. The descending Evolutionary Energy takes part in the renewed physical body’s breathing and nutrition. The renewed physical body is an advanced solid-matter instrument that enables the human being to live on the physical plane of existence during the transitional period preceding and preparing for the upcoming quantum leap of evolution on our planet.

The subtle vibrational body is formed on the base of the psychic being. It is a matrix for the immortal subtle body of the New Species of human beings. The New Species will appear on Earth upon the quantum leap of evolution. The current stage of evolution requires a human to go through the psychic birth and to form the new vibrational body. Those who have acquired the new vibrational body (the Eternal Life) during their life before the quantum leap of evolution, pass to the subtle range of existence. They are through with reincarnations and don’t have to come back to Earth, but live a fully conscious life in total spiritual omnipotence.

Emergence of the new species

The following stage of evolution is the appearance of a New Species as a result of the quantum leap of evolution.

There is no doubt that a New Species is to appear on Earth. On the new Earth, the mortal “intelligent man” of today should give way to the new man — the supramental man, or the spiritual man, the immortal man.

Practice of the Way of Conscious Evolution shows that radical evolutionary transformation takes place deep in the physical body on the cellular, molecular, atomic and vibrational levels. The matrix for the immortal subtle material body is created in the cocoon of our physical body. It is also clear that the radical physical transformation of the human and the radical transformation of the physical plane of existence will take place at the same moment. The physical appearance of the whole planet will change.

The quantum leap of evolution is the moment when the spatial Supramental Energy and the same Energy hidden in the depth of solid-matter structures meet in the body of a person who follows the Way of Conscious Evolution. It is the people who evolve that should bring about the evolutionary breakthrough. No one else can do that.

Beware of those who sell resurrection of the body and prolongation of life either in their own name or in the name of God. Also beware of those who offer “spiritual” remedies to make you forever young, healthy, or free from “evil eyes” and “jinxes” — these are magic tricks, not Divine Evolution. Don’t waste your time waiting for more false saviours in sheep’s clothing, the true Saviours have already come and left the true way to life eternal for us. Wake up and work!

The secret of Immortality is hidden in our body. It is in its cells that Immortality’s nectar should be found. How can it be done? There is one answer — only with the help of the descending Supramental Energy (the Evolutionary Energy, the Divine Power, the Holy Spirit). All you need to do is open to it and make sure you do not get in its way. It does all the rest itself. It was well proven by the few Great Teachers of Mankind who paved our way to Eternity. You can easily prove it yourself.

Our physical body is a bridge between the world of the dead we now inhabit and the world of the ever living we are destined for, provided we do our job here. In order to become such a bridge indeed, our body should become energetically transparent, totally porous, and permeable to the Supramental Energy.

“It is the body that has the cosmic consciousness, absolutely and directly,” says Satprem, one of the Great Teachers of our time. “You are stripped bare, the various cloaks covering you fall off in succession — and the whole world is there [in the body].

That ‘pounding’ [by the Supramental Energy] which the body undergoes day after day, that intrusion or invasion of another air, another respiratory mode into this barrierless matter, and especially into these higher vertebrates that are, after all, part of general Matter, must doubtless have some incalculable and traumatic effects on this old cellular and terrestrial conglomerate.

But what does this new ‘thing’ [the Supramental Energy] seek? What is its evolutionary goal? If it is pounding us and hammering this Earth with such energy, it must be after something. The body’s simple answer: it is hammering our grave.”

It is hammering our grave — the Earth with all its inhabitants who suffer from chronic evolutionary deficiency and stubbornly refuse to evolve, who are mired in the habits of the physical mind, the main of which are to get old, to fall sick and finally, to die.

Many curious people ask when the quantum leap of evolution will take place. Jesus answered this to his disciples: “But of that day and hour knoweth … my Father only. Watch ye therefore, and pray always.” We need to work hard on the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution regardless of the difficulties. The more spiritually endowed people who do so, the sooner the lie of today will fall. The lasting agony of mankind and of the whole planet is the result of our evolutionary passivity. Don’t look up to Heaven for salvation, today it should be found on Earth.

“Heaven is in matter,” Satprem says,all the way down in matter. All the intermediate layers (mental, vital, etc.) are what makes a gangue or cocoon of falsehood difficult to break through. But once that is broken through, matter is itself again, that is, divine!

So we are landing in another air which will radically change the face of the Earth, which is pounding and kneading her unrelentingly to bring forth of forge a new species capable of bearing and living that Nectar she so much thirsts for.

The ‘New’ is here! There remains to do a long and slow and thorough cleansing of all the cells and atoms — so ‘That’ can flow unobstructed. Then everything will be possible.

Then deathless life will flow drop by drop through our lungs to refashion us according to its enigmatic law.

And the true Earth will be.

And true men.”

In conclusion, I would like to quote the Mother’s answer to a question on the upcoming “end of the world” (the Mother is the name Sri Aurobindo gave to Mirra Alfassa, his true follower and one of the Great Teachers of our time):

“There are even people who have foreseen the end of the earth, but that's idiotic. For the earth was built with a certain purpose, and it will not disappear before things are accomplished. But there may be some changes.

The true change of consciousness is that which will change the PHYSICAL conditions of the world and will make of it an entirely new creation.

It's impossible for any change, even in one element or one point of the earth consciousness, not to make the whole earth participate in that change. Necessarily. Everything is closely knit together. And a vibration somewhere has terrestrial consequences.

I think this will happen the moment there is a sufficient number of consciousnesses which feel absolutely that it cannot be otherwise. All that has been, and all that still is, must appear like an absurdity which cannot last — at that moment it can take place, but not before.

In spite of everything, there will be a moment when it will happen, there will be a time when the movement will tilt over into a new reality. There was a MOMENT. There was a moment when the mental being was able to manifest on earth. There will come a time when the human consciousness is in the required state for a supramental consciousness to be able to enter this human consciousness and manifest. It does not stretch out like a rubber band, you see: there is a time when it happens — it can be done in a flash.

An apocalypse, yes, and a smiling one. Fatal for the dead and light for the ever-living.”

I think there is nothing to be added.


* Periods of forced (deep) descending of the consciousness last two or three days and occur with a frequency of one to one and a half months. During these periods the descending Evolutionary Energy is heavily forced into the body. Headache is caused by an excess of energy in the body. Bone tissue is part of the universal solid Matter. It resists evolutionary transformation, which results in spine pains and pain in the bones.